How To Make A Clear Pyramid with a Glow-in-the-dark Base Encasing A Tiny Bottle With Dry Glow Powder In It


  1. Pyramid mold– stainless steel Available in sets of three from Amazon and are intended as food molds. Many chefs will have these. As will restaurants, etc. This is where I got mine: Ateco 4936 Stainless Steel Medium Pyramid Mold, Set of 2, 3.5 by 2.5-Inches High (You can also order the medium and small sizes from this page.)
  2. Epoxy Resin – I use this: Environmental Tech Envirotex Pour-on High Gloss Finish 1/2 Gallon Kit and if I want something that’s totally glass clear, but can stand the fact that it will be more fragile, I will use this: Environmental Technology 16-Ounce Kit Casting’ Craft Casting Epoxy, Clear
  3. Glow powder – Your choice of colors from Glow, Inc. (glow powder page). You will need at least two colors of glow powder. (Note that this works great with glow sand, as well!) At least one small packet of each. Use more for brighter results!
  4. Small glass bottles – 
  5. Vacuum degasser (optional) – For professional results you need to get rid of all the bubbles that occur when you mix the two parts of the epoxy together. The way you do this is to use a vacuum. A degasser is designed such that you can’t see through the top of it. This is for two main reasons. 1) you can see when bubble stop forming (or in practice when they have mostly stopped, or after a given time if specified by the resin manufacturer.

Note: rather than telling you to use the degasser each time I will just say, “mix the resin” or something similar. if you have the degasser, I recommend that you degas  before you add the glow powder. And always degas. (If you can. Otherwise ignore. You can get some fairly decent results by using a heat gun or hairdryer and blowing it on the resin. You have to be very careful when doing this though! That works better on thin layers of resin.)


  1. Mix a batch of resin according to manufacturer’s instructions. Do not add any glow powder. Pour a small amount into the top so that it is well less than one quarter of the way full.
    This is the clear space at the top of the pyramid. So you don’t want it very be. In other words, the level of this will be how far from the top of the pyramid the top of the bottle (or cork, really) is positioned.
    Let this resin cure until it’s plenty hard enough to support the bottle. (If you’re not sure, just let it cure all the way.)
  2. Prepare your bottle by pouring the glow powder, sand (or whatever you want) into the bottle. I recommend using a complementary color to the one you will use in the base of the pyramid.
    I recommend filling the bottle 3/4 of the way full, or so. (See “Fun Stuff!” below.)
    TIP: A glass funnel works great if you have one that small. Alternatively, just make a funnel out of a piece of paper. If you use this method I would recommend making a new funnel for each color.
    Make sure the cork is tightly seated (but don’t break it).
  3. Place the bottle upside down in the mold. The top of the cork will sit on what is now the top of the layer of resin that you poured in step one.
  4. Mix another batch of resin that is totally clear. You want enough to pour into the pyramid until it is as close to the level of the bottom of the bottle as possible. If you pour until resin is above the bottle, then the bottle will appear to float above the glowing layer. Nothing wrong with doing that, but I like to make them where they look like sitting on something inside the pyramid.
    Let this layer of resin cure enough until it is at least somewhat firm on the surface. It only needs to support another layer of resin. (Actually as I’m writing this, I think that you might get some very interesting results if you do not let this layer cure. But then you may risk obscuring the bottle, so try this at your own risk. If you do I would certainly be interested in seeing your results!)
  5. Finally, mix the resin and add your other color of glow powder. This will be the base of the pyramid. Pour into the mold and let the resin cure.
  6. Optionally, only fill the mold part way in step five. Let that cure and then mix another batch with a different color of glow powder. Repeat as many times as you’d like to get a striped base of the pyramid.


  • In the picture (and video) at the top of this post I actually use some glow sand and mixed it very, very thick. So thick that the resin wouldn’t actually pour. It was more like a thick grout. I had to sort of spoon it into the mold. I did not wait for that to cure and I poured a little bit of glow powder around the edges and then I mixed a batch of resin with some red glow powder and poured that on top of the sand/powder. It sort of seeped into it around the edges. (I expect this is one of those happy accidents that I will never be able to reproduce quite exactly! Certainly each one of these is a one-of-a-kind.)
  • You could easily mix a very, very small amount of glow powder into the first two resin pours. I wouldn’t want much because I don’t want to hide the bottle.

Fun Stuff!

After this is finished you can slowly turn the pyramid upside down and you will see the powder inside the bottle move around!

I do have at least one left in my shop at the time of this writing. I call these, “Pyramid of Bottled Light”, so you can search for that in my shop. Here’s a link to one I currently have Pyramid of Bottled Light IV. As you can see, I put a rather high price on these, mostly because of the time required. Also because everyone seems to like these.

If you love glow-in-the-dark, I’d love to hear from you! (I don’t care if you’re interested in buying my products or not.) I’ve loved glow-in-the-dark since I was very small. But thanks to Glow Inc., we now have much higher quality glow than we use to!

If you make one of these, I would certainly like to see it! If you can post a picture or video online, please feel free to post a link in the comments below. You can use your WordPress account, or you can sign up on this site which you can do here (and you’ll also receive email notice of special discount offers and sales).

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